Cambridge Removals Top Tips

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Moving house or relocating an office in and around Cambridge is a process none of us look forward to!

What with all the stress of the actual move – utilities, mortgages etc etc… and possibly the hardest bit, is actually packing up all your belongings.

Cambridge City Moves can certainly help you with the later and take away that stress element of the relocation for you!

If you would like to know more about our packing services, then please feel free to contact us here..

But, if you’d like to give it a go yourself, here are our top 5 tips for getting prepared for your house move;

  1. Pack early. Of course, the time this will take will depend on the size of the property and how many belongings you are moving. In our experience, in removals across Cambridgeshire and beyond, we always believe the earlier you can start packing, the better. So, for a large house, 6-8 weeks prior is a good starting point or for smaller homes maybe 4 weeks prior to your move. Just 2 or 3 boxes a week we really help in the long run!
  2. Declutter. Go to a car boot sale, or give your old unwanted items to your  charity of choice. Don’t forget platforms such as eBay too, they are ideal for this. Plus, ask your family and friends if they would like anything, after all it may come in handy if you plan on asking them to help when you move!
  3. Label your boxes. Mark each box with the contents and where it needs to go at the other end. On the sides of the boxes is better, as this will make it easier to see when they’re are stacked. It’s also helps to mark which room they need to go in, just so you can spread the load once at the new location.

Cambridge removals, removals cambridge